A Dream Become Reality?

This has created a buzz over the internet for a while, and the noise it makes isn’t that surprising at all. What is it, and why does it draw attention you ask. Well apparently, China has decided to launch the a passenger drone. Yes, a drone that can fly people. For the moment, the drone can only transport one passenger, but we can look forward to it increasing its capacity to maybe a couple of passengers in the future. The 20th century dream of flying cars is finally becoming a reality.

flying cars

The Passenger Drone

Chinese company Ehang has developed and successfully launched a passenger drone, the Ehang 184. Although, it isn’t the only company to have had such a project, it’s the first one to have active drones in the world. Autonomous, automatically piloted vehicles, the drones are meant to carry out taxi services. The city of Dubai in the UAE is said to launch and employ the drone this year’s summer. This is an innovation that will without a doubt, not only change the taxi industry, but the entire transportation industry. As the drone is automatically flown, it will follow short and pre-programmed flight paths. In fact, the drone will in many ways be similar to Uber. To call it, you’ll need an application on you phone, enter your destination and it’ll take care of the rest. Payment will surely be by credit card or by the increasingly popular, cryptocurrency.

The Possibilities

For the moment, all countries still have cars that can’t fly as taxis. A taxi drone sounds like it can be the solution to traffic jams and pollution in big cities. Given, the EHang 184 is an electric, autonomous vehicle. It’s just a matter of time before the world catches on and decide to order their passenger drones. Such a change will certainly impact private taxi companies as well as any organism whom offer transportation services. For example, assuming the passenger drone has a variant that can carry multiple passengers, touring a city will be a lot more exciting and epic than before. Another example is if the drones have a cargo variant capable of carrying heavy loads, trips to the supermarkets or from the furniture store will be quick and won’t have you strain a muscle.

What’s In Store for Ground Services?

The development of any of these variants, can without a doubt kill the VTC business. As it will offer a tour of a city from a completely different perspective - and height. However, it might take a while before cities such as Brussels or London or New York City to catch on and decide to grant the permission of these machines to fly around. So for the time being, VTCs or any other transport service are safe from being replaced. Even with such a passenger drone in action, ground vehicles will always have an important role and some tasks won’t be easily substituted by drones. Such as a transfer from the airport to your hotel.