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Nowadays, we all strive to own our own vehicle so that we can have the freedom to go anywhere we want when we want. What ever the reason may be, there’s a certain sense of pride owning a car. Owning your own vehicle can sometimes be seen as a status symbol, it can also be an essential tool for your field of work or most commonly, it can be a passion. Almost everyone has dreamed of owning a personal vehicle one day. However, after the purchase of the first vehicle, a mountain amount of factors and bills rain down on you which can make you ask yourself if it was worth it at one moment. Gas prices, insurance, garage bills and any other factors that can hurt your pocket if any unfortunate event ever happens. Although, things such as insurance can help you save a lot money, it will hurt your pockets nonetheless. However, there are ways which were influenced by technology and the growing awareness of Global Warming to bypass these issues without cutting deep into your daily routine or your wallet. The Cheap Car Hire Blog is the is place to find out how you can find alternatives to these issues.

Private Car with driver

A less exploited method is by hiring a VTC and can be referred as Private Car with driver. It might sound like an expensive rental or a ride sharing service such as Uber or Lyft. Even though the principles are somewhat similar, VTC comes with a professional driver. Most companies allow you to personalize your selection so you can be sure to get to your destination on time without the stress of waiting through rush hour. This can also help you maintain an image of a higher social status, depending on your preferences. Belgium is an example of a country whom employs VTCs. They are often hired for airport transfers since Taxi Brussels is not exactly at your entire disposal. Hiring a private car doesn’t have to be permanent, unless if you want it to be. As a matter a fact, you can choose to book the service when you need it. It can be when you are trying to impress on a first date, or on your way to a corporate meeting.

Public Transportation

Public transportation won’t do any good either since buses follow an assigned route, so they have no choice but to tough the traffic jam out if there happens to be one. Trains can also have maintenance issues, or track issues, delaying their times, and creating a mob of commuters at the stations. Once the train finally rolls in, getting into one of the wagons becomes an insane rugby match. Some might say that taxis seem like the ideal solution to this dilemma. Typically, taxis can choose the ideal route, but since most taxi fares are metered, you won’t know exactly how much you owe. And if the chosen route happens to be longer, then be ready for a pretty high rate. Also, your destination might also, only be reached by using highly congested roads. Therefore the taxi will probably be forced to follow the traffic jams.

There is nothing like owning and driving your own car. But did you ever come home after a long day at work, and just lay down on your bed? Most people aren’t conscious of it, but driving for hours during a day can really be exhausting and stressful. As you impatiently wait in traffic jams during rush hour, honking your horn at another car who is just trying to force his way into your lane, or yelling at the pretty lady in front of you who is doing her make-up while the light is green, leaving you and everyone else behind her.

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